Bank of Canada advertises for CBDC project manager

Bank of Canada advertises for CBDC project manager

Canada's central bank is in the market for a CBDC project manager to oversee plans for the creation of a mass-market, consumer-friendly digital currency.

Bank Of Canada Releases Staff Working Paper On The Future Of CBDCs That Include An Expiry Date!

We do a deep dive into the latest staff working paper that references CBDCs, The Bank of Canada might be willing to incorporate expiry dates on the CBDC.

This cannot be a good thing.

Link to paper –

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As always, none of the info is financial advice.

From a couple of Canucks who like to talk about how Bitcoin will impact Canada.

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US Digital Dollar CBDC Tests are HERE! What Happened?!

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0:00 Intro
0:47 About The Digital Dollar Project
4:58 CBDC Securities Settlement Pilot
8:32 CBDC Design Assumptions
11:58 Opportunities, Tradeoffs, Privacy
15:25 Future Digital Dollar Project Pilots
19:44 What Does It Mean For Crypto?


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The biggest threat to our financial freedom – CBDC

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This is how they’ll possibly take our financial freedom, via a CBDC. CBDC stands for Central Bank Digital Currency, and is a new form of digital money that is on the horizon for just about every nation on Earth.

CBDCs have already been launched fully in 11 countries, but are being tested in more than 100, including in nations that account for more than 95% of our planet’s total GDP. In other words, if a CBDC hasn’t hit your country yet, it very likely will soon. The criticism around CBDCs is that they will be used as the ultimate tool of surveillance and control, allowing governments to monitor citizens’ every move. However, the United States and the Netherlands are already implementing laws to do just that, potentially requiring new reporting standards on almost all transactions.

The truth is, there may not be a lot we can do to stop a CBDC from arriving in our nations. But we can refuse to use one when they arrive, if they are as terrible for financial freedom as many believe.

In any case, I would love to hear your thoughts. And thank you for being here for 100 videos on this channel.

0:00 – A world of financial control
1:19 – New Dutch and American surveillance laws
2:35 – CBDCs are coming soon
5:29 – NordVPN insert
6:53 – Concerns surrounding CBDCs
9:51 – Controlling people with money
11:18 – What can we do?

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Written by Leon Hill.

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Central Bank Digital Currencies: How Freedom Dies

Governments around the world are inching closer to central bank digital currencies. Those who are not prepared for their rollout are using trial forms of financial repression instead. Citizens in these countries are waking up and realizing that to the extent the government controls the money, they control your life. And if a CBDC is implemented in its full form, we will witness the most totalitarian state the world has ever seen.

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