Bank of Canada partners MIT on CBDC research

Bank of Canada partners MIT on CBDC research

The Bank of Canada has teamed up with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on a twelve-month research project on central bank digital currencies.

Augustin on the CBDC fear on #cryptocurrency! they can not stop it

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Central Bank Digital Currencies Are scary : Maajid Nawaz

The Joe Rogan & Maajid Nawaz is a must-listen for our potential future with central bank digital currencies.

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This Is How They’ll Convince America to Adopt a CBDC

Many people are concerned about the rollout of a Central Bank Digital Currency, especially as we see carnage in the markets everywhere.

It seems like policy makers are doing everything they can to bring as much pain as possible on everyday Americans, while asset prices are crashing, and prices of goods and services are going through the roof.

So, the big question is, are the deliberately trying to reset everything so they can rollout a CBDC?

So, in this video, I’m going to give you exactly what my plan would be if I was in charge — and wanted to rollout a Central Bank Digital Currency successfully. Because if they were to roll this out right now, people wouldn’t have any incentive to migrate over into it unless they had a reason to, which is why everything must go through chaos.

0:00 Video Overview
1:43 Intro
1:46 CBDCs and How They Would Function
3:13 My Plan to Roll Out a CBDC
13:47 Outro

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Bank of Canada should start issuing digital currency, experts say

Some technologists are telling the Bank of Canada that its wait-and-see approach when it comes to issuing digital currencies runs the risk of leaving it behind in the race to innovate globally.

A digital currency is any currency that exists exclusively in electronic form. Bitcoin is perhaps the world’s most well-known.

But Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency, meaning it isn’t controlled by a single entity.

A central bank digital currency, on the other hand, would be issued and managed by a central bank. Anne Gaviola has more.

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