Canadian data sharing startup Flinks closes $11m Series A

Canadian data sharing startup Flinks closes $11m Series A

Montreal-based data aggregation startup Flinks has raised $11 million in a Series A funding round led by the VC arm of National Bank of Canada.

How Much Does Starlink Satellite Internet Cost in Canada | Can You Buy Starlink In Canada

Starlink Satellite Internet Canada: Pricing & Availability | Starlink in Canada Monthly Cost

If you need Satellite Internet in rural or anywhere in Canada, the options were limited in the past. Starlink Satellite Internet is now available in some parts of Canada, opening up new horizons for those who need satellite Internet.

Starlink is a satellite Internet provider developed by Elon Musk’s private spaceflight company SpaceX. Starlink offers high-speed broadband Internet using low-Earth orbit satellites.

In this video, I will show you the costs and coverage of the Starlink Satellite Internet in Canada. Information is correct as of the recording of this video. For updated info, visit the Starlink website directly.

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0:00 Intro
0:15 What Is Starlink Satellite Internet
2:11 Starlink Satellite Internet – Residential Pricing
2:55 Starlink Satellite Internet – RV Pricing
4:10 Starlink Satellite Internet Coverage Map
5:05 Starlink Satellite Internet – Conclusions

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Starlink is just Better!!

Eric Morin from Flinks – Interview #EfmaExperts

Flinks is a high-potential FinTech startup with years of hyper-growth ahead, powered by obsessed over-achievers that also enjoy life and know when to celebrate it. The absence of a reliable, accessible aggregator before Flinks’ arrival reveals how big an opening the Canadian financial industry offers.

Flinks, Vice Media, Top Hat – September 2, 2021

Alex Norman and Jason Goldlist of TechTO discuss the latest in Canadian tech news and what Founders, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, and Investors need to know.

It’s the first Thursday in September, and today we’re talking about:
0:00 Welcome to Quick Takes
0:14 National Bank of Canada makes $100m+ bet on Flinks
10:11 Vice is too much to handle for SPACs and raises $85m
19:00 Top Hat continues to stock its shelf

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