National Bank of Canada invests in local data sharing startup Flinks

National Bank of Canada invests in local data sharing startup Flinks

National Bank of Canada and Luge Capital have participated in a $1.75 million funding round in 18-month old data aggregation and account verification startup Flinks.

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National Bank of Canada CEO Vachon on Banking View & Recession Risks

Oct.17 — National Bank of Canada Chief Executive Officer, Louis Vachon sits down for a wide-ranging discussion on banking and the economy at the Bloomberg Canadian Fixed Income Conference in New York on October 16, 2019.

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Flinks, Canadian Data Aggregation Startup, Closes US$11 Million In Series A Funding

Montreal-based data aggregation startup Flinks has raised US$11 million in a Series A funding. The round was led by the VC arm of the National Bank of Canada who earlier also has provided debt financing of US$5.2 million. The other key investors who joined the round were Intact Ventures, Luge Capital and Panache Ventures. Flinks is a fintech company that encourages businesses to deliver better financial services to consumers. The funds will be used to expand the startup’s offering to new verticals, including wealth management, and to increase footprints in the US market. Flinks CEO commented that the company plans to produce new innovative data products that will allow tackling global demand.

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